Kota Lama Festival, From Semarang To The World

Semarang – Semarang’s Mayor Hendrar Prihadi his Vice, Hevearita Gunaryanti Raharu, respectively received representatives of the Semarang Kota Lama Festival Committee 2019 at the Semarang City Hall on Wednesday, July 24, 2019. The meeting discussed what could be done to succeed the annual Kota Lama Festival (FKL).

Hendrar Prihadi stated that he’s ready to help and facilitate the requirements of FKL from the beginning to the end. The success of this event certainly has an impact on leveraging tourism, socio-cultural life, and certainly broadly in economic aspects; not only for the city of Semarang, but also Indonesia.

It is hoped that FKL will not only revive the Kota Lama, but also raise awareness of the importance of preserving buildings and cultural heritage in the areas.

Another thing that is no less important, because FKL is arranged for all members of the society, not only on a local scale but also for foreign visitors, this event can be a good channel to bring the world to see Indonesian cultural values.

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